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Breast cancer, talking about it differently: From prevention to resilience….

Prevention, a key element in the fight against breast cancer

“Cancer is for other people.” This is what most people think when they have not yet been confronted with the disease, either personally or through a loved one. They feel untouchable, not concerned… How can I blame them?

But unfortunately, no one is immune from such a fight!

Regardless of age, social background, occupation,… breast cancer is the scourge of the women of our time, of all women.

Because 2.1 million women worldwide suffer from breast cancer every year and early diagnosis has a direct impact on their chances of survival, this October, dedicated to prevention, is essential everywhere.Once again this year, on the occasion of pink October, initiatives are multiplying to remind us of the seriousness of this disease.

I can understand this desire (this need), not to feel concerned, to prefer to avoid this frightening subject, which is still for many synonymous with death, suffering and injustice.

But “prevention is better than cure”, so I encourage you to face your fears, your anxieties, because screening will inform you, reassure you and put all odds on your side if ever…

Because when diagnosed early enough, breast cancer can be cured in 9 out of 10 cases.

Breast Cancer: Opening Up and talking differently about it

Because I myself have been affected by this disease, because I know the trials that women go through, because I am alive, I dare to talk about it. Freeing up the conversation around breast cancer, which today affects 1 in 8 women, is the only way to transform things.

In October 2018, I launched a manifesto on the Mesopinions.com platform to defend women’s rights during and after the disease, collecting more than 34,000 signatures in a few weeks.

Because after the acute phase, the fear of recurrence is omnipresent.

Because if in the past the word cancer was often linked to death, today medical advances allow us to hope for a cure, or a stabilization of the disease in the long term.

Because society has well integrated the prevention dimension, but there is still a long way to go regarding post-cancer care.

Because after the treatments, the battle is not over, the struggle continues to find a life that will never be the same again.

I would like once again to draw the necessary attention to women fighters from all over the world, with a unique and innovative event on the 4th and 5th October in Paris.

Through “Ozalys ose“, Ozalys’ teams wish to contribute to breaking taboos, breaking isolation and highlighting all the shadow fighters who face this ordeal, in silence and suffering.

It is also an opportunity to highlight sorority, solidarity, mutual aid… the will to fight, the desire to move forward and the hope of a life-after.

This immersive and holistic experience is a call to dare to confront the reality of this struggle, which is not limited to overcoming the disease, but to preventing, informing and building the future.

Isabelle Guyomarch
Isabelle Guyomarch
Isabelle Guyomarch a passionate and seasoned professional in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic worlds when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013. In 2017, she created Ozalys, a brand of Dermo-cosmetics created by women for women affected by cancer.